Move with The Mayor Vaccination Campaign

Mayor Michael Helfrich today issued the following statement: “’When we’re protected, our community is stronger.’ This is being said by Mayors across the country as part of the Move with the Mayor adult vaccination campaign.

“Being vaccinated is crucial. We experienced the damage that can be done – to our lives and our livelihoods – when COVID was running unchecked. People lost jobs, businesses closed, and hospitals overflowed. But our community did what needed to be done – and now we have protection in the form of the COVID vaccine.

“Other vaccinations may be seen as less crucial, but they too keep us and our loved ones and our communities healthy. Routine immunizations should include not only COVID and the flu, but also shingles, pneumonia, and whooping cough. Booster shots for COVID remain just as important as ever too.

“Ask your doctor or your pharmacist what you need to do to be current on your vaccinations.”

To watch the Mayor’s public service announcements on adult vaccinations, visit and

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