Raise Your Flag

For more information or for instructions on contributing, please email us at mayorsoffice@yorkcity.org.

We are raising funds to raise new flagpoles at City Hall. And we want to add a third flagpole to add to our celebrations.

York has so many reasons to celebrate the people of our city. York’s residents represent magnificent, diverse cultures from around the world. York has brave patriotic heroes and shining athletic stars. With our Raise Your Flag campaign, City Hall will do something special to showcase our cultures, heroes, and sports teams.

Flags of other countries could be raised. The Dominican Republic’s flag on Dominican Republic’s Independence Day, for example. The request of our Dominican community was in fact what began this movement.

Add in the flag of Puerto Rico could be raised on Puerto Rico’s Constitution Day, a flag representing the York Revolution could be raised at times during the baseball season, an Irish flag could be raised on St. Patrick’s Day, the flags of York’s sister cities could be raised when their citizens are in town, and the POW/MIA flag could be raised on appropriate occasions. The flags will have to be provided by private citizens wanting their flag raised. On other days, the third pole will fly the flag of York City.

So please join the movement. Our goal is to raise $13,000. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

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