Redevelopment Authority of The City of York Seeks Interested Developers for The Northwest Triangle

The Redevelopment Authority of the City of York announced today that they are seeking Interested Developers for the Northwest Triangle Redevelopment Area beginning tomorrow December 10, 2021. Through this process the RDA intends to select a developer with which to redevelop this area. The selected developers would be responsible for the redevelopment of approximately 4.4 acres of publicly owned land bounded generally by the Codorus Creek to the North and West, Gay Avenue to the South, and North Beaver Street on the East. Letters of interest may be submitted for the entire redevelopment area, or selected tracts of land therein. The proposed Northwest Triangle project should complement the surrounding neighborhood economic development that has occurred and serve as a catalyst for future development nearby.

It is highly preferred that the Northwest Triangle redevelopment conform to the principles outlined in the City’s goals to: Be a sound economic and community investment, by enhancing the tax base and promoting ancillary development; Be an inclusive job creating development with forward-thinking careers; Improve curb appeal; Promote complete streets; Be a mixed rate residential destination; Be an entertainment, commercial and cultural destination; Be designed to incorporate public gathering spaces.

The RDA will evaluate each developer for the highest and best use of the land. In the event of complementary proposals, the RDA may facilitate coordinating parties for compatible uses, design, and development of the site. The Northwest Triangle Project is a priority redevelopment effort, the goal of which is to leverage additional revitalization, provide new employment opportunities for all City residents and stimulate private investment in a formerly blighted and underutilized corner of the City of York. The Northwest Triangle redevelopment should serve as an impactful urban infill project which creates employment opportunities for all the residents of York and serves as a vibrant gateway to the City’s downtown.

The selected project ideas should positively impact the surrounding community and the City-at-large. This targeted waterfront area is part of the multi-municipal Codorus Corridor River of Opportunity area. In the broader context, the Corridor plan calls for physical and economic connections between projects, areas and neighborhoods that will enhance the collective impact of the Corridor. The concept recognizes the fundamental role of the Codorus Creek as an organizing feature for development throughout York’s history. The focus on redevelopment of the corridor will help return the Codorus to its original stature as a common community asset.

“The RDA Board of Directors has been very steadfast and patient over the past several years to ensure that the proper redevelopment occurs here. They have a vision of a mixed-use development that embraces not only retail and residential spaces, but also provides opportunities for inclusive careers and wealth-building opportunities for all of York’s residents. This is an exciting time to see our City grow into the future, and the RDA wants to find the right partners to make that happen.”, says RDA Executive Director Blanda Nace. “Since 2005, over $14 Million has been invested into this area with acquisition, demolition, utility upgrades and environmental remediation – it really is one of the best redevelopment opportunities in Central PA.”, he adds.

This Request for Interested Developers and supplemental documents are available online at Interested parties are asked to respond by February 1, 2022.

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