The City of York is urging residents to prepare for a possible severe weather event involving severe thunderstorms with damaging winds 60 mph or greater as well as large hail exceeding 1 inch in diameter over parts of the York area early evening. An isolated, weak, brief tornado is even possible.

Residents and commuters are urged to use great caution both today and tomorrow morning. The following intersections and areas are prone to flooding:

  • S. Sherman Street at E. King Street
  • S. George Street at E. Princess Street
  • Roosevelt Avenue between Rt. 30 and Marbrook Drive
  • N. Broad Street at E. Philadelphia Street
  • Gross Park
  • Maryland Avenue at Roosevelt Avenue
  • Pennsylvania Avenue at Roosevelt Avenue
  • N. Hartley Street at Lincoln Street
  • S. Duke Street at Merion Rd.
  • S. Newberry Street at W. King Street

If there is trash or debris on a storm drain, please help the City of York by removing it prior to the storm so water can flow freely into the storm drain without disruption. Residents should wait until after the storm to put their trash out. Do not drive through standing or flowing water. Do not let children play in the storm water.

If you encounter hazards on the roads, you may call 911 to report it.

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