Vision 2020 is a multi-year plan that advances the City of York through strong fiscal planning, regional collaboration and smart leadership. The five-year plan outlines key focus areas that, together, lay the groundwork for greater fiscal sustainability and prosperity for our city.

The City of York is positioned for growth. Although we’ve made great progress, we’re looking ahead to build on our success. By leveraging our best assets — our people, our community and our partners — we can continually enhance our offerings while ensuring that the City is fiscally strong and remains competitive in the region.

To build on our forward momentum, Vision 2020 focuses on six key areas:

  • A multi-year plan
  • Creating a competitive tax structure
  • Ensuring our future
  • Moving our City forward
  • Better serving our taxpayers
  • Improving the lives of our residents through strong neighborhoods

Under the leadership of Mayor Bracey, the City of York has already made significant progress: Since 2013, we’ve reduced our operating deficit by $5.5 million, allowing the City to reduce property taxes while improving services that benefit our residents, businesses and visitors. In 2017, the City of York approved its second consecutive budget with real estate tax reductions, with the aim of a 15 percent total reduction in real estate taxes over five years.

Together, we’re working toward York’s future.

Learn more about Vision 2020 by downloading the document  here:  Vision 2020

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