York City Announces Plastic-Waste Free-Goal, New Sites Established in York City for Collecting Plastic Waste, Joint Press Conference to Be Held

Today the City of York will announce its goal of becoming America’s first Plastic-Waste-Free city. In cooperation with CRDC Global, a plastic reuse company established in York City in 2022, the City will be diverting plastic waste into CRDC Global’s plastic reuse program, “The Bag that Builds”. At 1 pm the City of York and CRDC Global will be revealing three additional City sites where anyone wanting to dispose of plastic waste in an environmentally-safe manner will be able to do so. The sites will take all plastics, including plastic waste which otherwise could not be recycled. However, only plastic can be deposited at these sites.

CRDC helps recover unwanted plastics in a variety of ways, keeping plastic from the environment and landfills and incinerators. These plastics are then converted into RESIN8, a performance-enhancing concrete additive. CRDC began in Costa Rica as part of an effort aimed at cleaning up beaches. CRDC located its first permanent factory in the United States in the City of York last year.

The partnership between the City of York and CRDC is part of “The Bag That Builds” movement. Anyone can pick up green recycled plastic bags from CRDC, fill them with plastic waste, and now drop them off at five possible sites. The City thanks Refillism for providing a drop-off site at the rear of their shop at 38 South Beaver St. Participants are helping York work towards the aspirational goal of a plastic-waste-free City.

The current two open sites for the collection of plastics are at the CRDC factory, 390 Eberts Lane, and behind Refillism, 38 South Bever Street. The new sites will be accepting plastics as of Tuesday, May 30, 2023. The new sites will be located as follows: Yorktown Park, 1089 Kelly Drive; Hoffman Complex; 500 Rockdale Avenue; and, Bantz Park, 798 Salem Avenue.

A press conference with the Mayor and CRDC representatives will be held at 1:00 pm today. The location of the press conference is Yorktown Park, 1089 Kelly Drive.

Contact for the City of York
Scott Miller, SMiller@yorkcity.org, 717-849-2221

Contact for CRDC Global
Ross Gibby, ross@crdc.globa , 646-285-2979

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