York City Council Responds to Allegations and Criminal Charges Filed Against Councilman Lou Rivera

York City Council President Henry Nixon, Council Vice President Sandie Walker, and Council members Judy A. Ritter-Dickson and Edquina Washington issued the following joint statement in response to allegations of misconduct and subsequent criminal charges filed against Councilman Lou Rivera for indecent exposure and harassment:

“We have received numerous calls and emails from residents expressing concern surrounding reported allegations of misconduct by Councilman Lou Rivera. Please know that we hear your concerns and understand your anxieties.

These allegations are sad and alarming and require the utmost attention from our legal system. It is incumbent upon law enforcement to fully investigate these allegations and act accordingly. Allowing due process of law does not lessen our compassion for and understanding of all victims of sexual harassment. Councilman Rivera is entitled to a fair legal process and as such, collectively, we appeal to the public to allow the legal process to proceed.

In these unprecedented times, our primary focus will be to carry on with the business of the city. We want to reassure our residents that we will continue to do our jobs as elected officials and will work in the best interest of its citizenry.”

Submitted by:

  • Henry Hay Nixon, President of Council
  • Sandie Walker, Vice President of Council
  • Judy A. Ritter-Dickson, Member of Council
  • Edquina Washington, Member of Council

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