York City Peace & Opportunity Summit

(May 31, 2018) York, PA — Today the City of York, in cooperation with the York City School District and other community partners, announces the first “York City Peace and Opportunity Summit” to be held on Tuesday, June 26th from 5:00pm to 8:00pm at William Penn Senior High School.

The goal of the York City Peace & Opportunity Summit is to create an environment where young city residents are able to have an open dialogue about violence in the City of York. Participants will connect with neighborhood leaders, employers and trade schools that promote and enable successful and productive futures.


“We are looking to invite people formerly engaged in violence, people working to free themselves from a life that involves violence, and most importantly, those that are engaged in violence now.” said Mayor Helfrich. “This is a call to those that we hope will take an opportunity to improve their lives.”


Employers that wish to participate can email Britta Schwab, Bell Socialization Services at bschwab@bellsocialization.com with questions.


Participants may email questions to mayorsoffice@yorkcity.org


In addition to the City of York website, more information will be posted on the City of York facebook page and Mayor Michael Helfrich’s facebook page.

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