City Gamewell System Being Retired, Other Options Being Examined

The City of York today announced that its Gamewell fire alarm system is being retired due to difficulty of replacing central system infrastructure at the Rex/Laurel fire stations and the ongoing exorbitant cost and maintenance of the system. City Ordinance Section 1501.04(15) still requires maintaining a fire alarm system through a third-party contractor.

The Gamewell fire alarm system was installed and began in the 19th century. Gamewell remained a popular technology for many years. However, as most municipalities have shifted away from the Gamewell system, the availability of parts has become a challenge and the cost of parts and maintenance of the system have become burdensome.

Those using the Gamewell system were notified by letter in February 2022 that they would need to have a third-party fire alarm system other than Gamewell. Meanwhile, the City of York will pursue the most advanced, efficient, rapid-response fire alarm system possible to replace Gamewell.

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