Curbside Trash Collection Cancelled Remainder of This Week in York City

Double the Normal Bag Limits to Be Collected Next Monday 1/22 & Tuesday 1/23

Low temperatures all week made for constant refreezing and icy conditions. A second winter storm combined with record low temperatures make it unsafe for crews to perform curbside collections the remainder of this week.

Any items placed out for collection should be immediately pulled back so they do not become frozen to the ground or snow covered. All collections for the remainder of this week are cancelled.

The hauler will collect double the normal bag limits on the next regular trash days, Monday 1/22 and Tuesday 1/23. Some alleys remain inaccessible from the first storm, so any customer that had large items prescheduled this week from Tuesday – Friday will also be collected next week on your first collection day of the week.

Please be patient all of next week as crews will be dealing with an extra amount of trash and possible weather related challenges. This means collections will likely be running later than normal.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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