City of York Announces Change of Operations Due to Coronavirus

Today Mayor Michael Helfrich announces several changes to daily operations of the City of York government.

These changes come following recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control, the Pennsylvania State Department of Health and Governor Tom Wolf’s office.

The changes shall be in effect beginning midnight March 17th through April 17th. This time period is subject to change, pending further developments of the situation.

City Hall Business Will Be Conducted by Appointment Only; City Facilities Closed

  • Residents and business owners that have urgent and essential business with the city shall continue to communicate with their points of contact. Residents with general concerns may email or call 717-849-2221. Your inquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate person. Phone call response will be delayed during this period and email is preferred.
  • Essential personnel will have the opportunity to telecommute and will report to city hall on an as-needed basis.
  • Per CDC guidelines for large gatherings, York City Ice Arena and Voni Grimes Gym will be closed for a period of 4 weeks beginning March 17th.

Critical Services Remain Operational

  • Critical city services including police, fire, and wastewater treatment plant will continue to operate 24/7, though extra precautions may be taken to promote proper health protocol during this period.
  • The City of York Bureau of Health and Health Clinic remain fully operational and assistance available by appointment. Please call 717-849-2299 for assistance.
  • Residents with emergency needs shall, as usual, call 911 for assistance.

Parking Enforcement Continues, Street Sweeping Suspended

  • Street sweeping and street sweeping enforcement will be suspended.
  • During this period, parking enforcement will continue including enforcement of parking meters.

Suspension of Penalties & Fees

  • During this period from March 17th to April 17th, residents will be unable to make in-person payments at City Hall. Individuals are encouraged to make payments online, if possible.
  • Tickets and/or violations received prior to March 17th as well as tickets received during this period will not incur additional penalties. York City is waiving the fee for online payment, so tickets can be paid online at no charge.

Sewer Amnesty Program Deferred

The City of York Sewer Amnesty program will be temporarily suspended. This program will be reintroduced at a later date.

York City Property Tax Bonus Period Extended to May 15th

The City of York is extending the 2% Discount Period for City property taxes until May 15th.

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