City of York – Bureau of Health Announces COVID-19 Dashboard

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the York community, the City of York’s response must also continue to adapt to meet the needs of our residents and combat the challenges presented by this public health crisis. The Bureau of Health is committed to transparent, effective, and efficient communication with our residents and the community at large. Therefore, the Bureau of Health has released a new COVID-19 Dashboard, accessible via the main page at or by visting

The dashboard provides up-to-date COVID-19 daily and weekly metrics and various resource to stay informed. COVID-19 data highlighted in the dashboard includes:

  • 7-day moving average of cases
  • Number of cases
  • And cases by age, sex, and race & ethnicity.

About City of York – Bureau of Health

City of York – Bureau of Health provides public health services in the City of York. The mission of the Bureau is to prevent disease and to promote and protect the health of York City residents through the assessment of needs, the assurance of public health services and the provision of sound public health policies through dynamic and committed leadership. The Bureau began in 1985, and is funded by federal, state and city monies as well as proceeds from the Albert S. Weyer Community Health Fund (administered by the York County Community Foundation). Services are provided free or for a nominal charge to city residents.

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