King Street Bike Lane Upgrade

The City of York is announcing the King Street Bike Lane upgrade project is underway and will be completed by the Summer. The 1.6-mile-long project will retrofit King Street between Penn Street to Tremont Street to replace the existing one-way bike lane installed in 2011, on the south side with a new two-way bike lane on the north side. On-street parking will remain along the curb to comply with the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code.

The City has been working to become more bicycle friendly by establishing a primary community bikeway for eastbound and westbound travel in York. The King Street Bike Lane will provide residents better mobility and access to the city trail networks, bike routes, parks, businesses, and services. The project targets improved bicycle and pedestrian access to the rabbittransit Downtown Bus Transfer Center. Also, buses leaving the bus center on West King Street will have a new traffic signal and timing to help keep the buses on schedule. To improve safety for all users of King Street – motorist, buses, pedestrians and bicycles; pavement markings, protective delineators, signs, and minor changes to traffic signal will be made.

An $884,000 Federal Highway Administration Transportation Alternatives Set-aside Program and PennDOT/York MPO grant was awarded to the City of York for the construction of the King Street Bike Lane Project. Additionally, the City partnered with rabbittransit on $435,000 to fund the bike lane and traffic signal improvements at the Bus Transfer Center. The project is set to being work on May 11, 2022.

More information on the project schedule and temporary on-street parking restrictions will be provided by the City of York.

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