Police Commissoner’s Community Forum Announced for February 6 Th

The next Police Commissioner’s Community Forum will be held on Monday, February 6, 6 p.m. at Stillmeadow Church of the Nazarene, 350 Chestnut Street. The forum is an opportunity for the public to express ideas and concerns to Police Commissioner Michael Muldrow, the York City Police Department, and other officials.

The focus of February’s forum will be the Group Violence Intervention (GVI) project. Special presenter Tiff Lowe will be explaining what is GVI and how people can get involved.

Safe, alive, and free is the message of GVI, a joint effort by York City Police, the Mayor, the District Attorney, “credible messengers” on crime from the York community (like victims as well as people who once were in gang-like groups), and others. GVI wants York City’s at-risk youth to be safe and alive – not in the hospital or dead. GVI wants at-risk youth to be free – not in prison. And GVI wants to connect at-risk youth to economic opportunities. It is not just an attempt to reduce shootings and crime by “scaring people straight”; it is an attempt to spread the message that what we want for our youth is for them to be safe, alive, and free – not being part of a life of violence.

The Police Commissioner’s Community Forum typically takes place on the first Monday of the month. Attendance is always encouraged.

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