Possible Flood Watch in York City

There is potential for heavy rain and localized flooding beginning Friday in south central Pennsylvania as tropical moisture interacts with an approaching cold front. Rainfall in some areas may exceed 2 inches.

The City of York urges residents to monitor the forecast for updates. The City recommends the public check their gutters and downspouts for leaf clogging as well as check for any leaf or debris clogging the curb and street inlets. These actions help to prevent local street and property flooding.

Residents keeping their leaves out in the street for pickup should place the leaves at least 6-8 inches away from the curbline. This allows stormwater to flow freely to the storm drains. The Highway Department will be working to get as many leaf piles out of the street as possible before Friday.

If anyone is concerned about drains that may need attention, they should e-mail kgerber@yorkcity.org and lbrown@yorkcity.org. Please include the specific location of the drain.

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