York City Police Department Use of Force Policy Now Publicly Available

Today Mayor Helfrich and Commissioner Robinson announce that the York City Police Department Use of Force Policy is now publicly available on the front page of the City of York’s website at yorkcity.org

The City of York is committed to providing law enforcement that protects and serves its citizens. The Mayor, Commissioner, and members of York City Council are currently evaluating the Use of Force Policy to ensure the policy aligns with the recommendations of the Final Report of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, issued in 2015 under former President Obama, and Campaign Zero’s current #8CantWait initiative. Almost all of the policy recommendations of the #8CantWait initiative are already in effect in the York City Police Department’s Use of Force Policy and the group will be determining what, if any, additional recommendations need to be put into place.

Feedback on the Use of Force Policy may be submitted directly to the Mayor’s Office by emailing mayorsoffice@yorkcity.org or by using the contact form located here: https://www.yorkcity.org/government/mayor-michael-helfrich-mayors-office/

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