York Water Project Details

Location: George Street: from Arch to Mason-

Update #3: January 31, 2020


The York Water Company

130 East Market Street

York, PA 17401



Contact: Molly Norton, Communications Administrator



Project Description: (See Page 3). Our contractors have run into two issues that continue to cause delays in the installation of the water main in George Street. They have encountered many unknown underground utilities that have significantly slowed the process, as we must work around these utilities. Also, there have been some inclement weather instances that have also impacted the project, as is a risk in any construction project.

Due to these circumstances, the installation and restoration completion date has been pushed back to the second week of March 2020.

We truly appreciate the continued patience and understanding of the local businesses during this project. We will continue to provide updates as necessary.

Which streets will be affected?

North and South George Street from Arch Street and travelling south to Mason Ave. Traffic may be affected at the intersecting cross streets.

During what days and times will construction take place?

Monday – Friday, 7:00 AM-3:00 PM. Daily site cleanup may go past 3:00 PM.

How will traffic and parking be affected?

Traffic will be reduced to two lanes: one lane north and one lane south, though only a block at a time. In areas where sidewalks bump out into traffic, one lane may have to be utilized. Every effort will be made to pass traffic through bottlenecks and minimize wait time. A flagger will be on-site for the duration of the project. Approximately 8-16 parking spaces may be unavailable on a daily basis.

How long will construction last?

See drawing on reverse side for tentative completion dates for each affected street. Dates are subject to change based on inclement weather and unforeseen utility conflicts.

Will the sidewalks remain open to foot traffic?

Yes, the sidewalks will remain open unless a service line from the curb into the building (under the sidewalk) has to be replaced. This would only happen if the service line is brittle or if it’s made of lead. If this is needed, we would coordinate with you to minimize the inconvenience.

Will my water be shut off?

We only anticipate shutting your water off when we replace each customer’s service line from the old pipe to the new pipe. Our foreman will contact you prior to the date we need to “switch over” to the new pipe and coordinate the timing to minimize inconvenience to you. We expect that it will take less than a couple of hours to switch over the service lines.

How often does this happen?

The water pipes in George Street were installed prior to 1900. Replacing these pipes now should mean we won’t be back on George Street until the year 2120!

Work Zone Safety: York Water and our employees appreciate the community’s patience and apologize for this temporary inconvenience. Please drive safely and attentively through the work zone. Remember, our employees are your family members, friends, and neighbors, and their safety is paramount.

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