City of York Installing Automated Payment Systems in Parking Garages

The City of York is launching Phase 2 of its parking system modernization program with the installation of automated pay station technology in the three downtown York parking garages.

Phase 1 saw the rollout of the ParkMobile smartphone payment technology for metered street parking in November 2020. Phase 2, the automated payment system, will reduce expenses and improve reliability over the previous manual payment system, providing benefits to city taxpayers. There is no parking price increase associated with this new technology.

Holders of monthly permits will see no significant impact from the change to automated pay stations. The primary impact will be on visitors parking for the short term, who will now pay at a pay station prior to returning to their cars.

Such systems are used widely throughout the country. The city is using equipment from PSX, a prominent national supplier of a full range of parking systems and access control and security systems ( The pay stations being installed by the city will accept credit and debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay, and cash.

“The modernization of York City’s parking system is a key priority of my administration.  This upgrade improves the services to our customers while reducing the costs to our taxpayers,” said Mayor Michael Helfrich.

The system will provide greater flexibility in operating the garages that now exists, according to Kittrell Barnes, Parking Bureau Manager for the city.

“We will be able to work with Downtown Inc and businesses to create a more flexible and effective Park N’ Shop program,” said Barnes. “The system will also give us almost infinite flexibility to do short-term promotions, make it easier for businesses to pay for customer parking, and create special rates around holidays and for other purposes.”

The system will be in operation from 8am-8pm Monday through Friday.

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