City Of York Seeks Director Of Economic And Community Development

Mayor Michael Helfrich and the City of York today announce that applications are being accepted for the position of Director of Economic and Community Development for the City of York.

The director is responsible for the overall management of the Director of Economic and Community Development including Permits, Planning and Zoning, the Bureau of Health, and staff support to the Redevelopment Authority of York.

This is accomplished by advising the mayor on policy, programs and projects as well as any issues; serving as liaison to the community and to the city council; forging public/private partnership; overseeing and creating real estate development opportunities; developing and administering the department and RDA budget. Other duties include supervising the department and various bureaus; ensuring the daily and efficient delivery and provision of governmental services; managing department staff; understanding financial mechanisms for development; establishing best practices in the city; and conducting tours and presentations.

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Philip Given
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