The City of York’s Office of Emergency Management is closely monitoring extreme heat that will arrive this weekend. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday our area will experience extreme temperatures that may reach 105   F with the heat index. We urge all residents to take necessary precautions to prepare for these conditions.


More deaths occur each year from extreme heat than any other weather-related condition. Things you should consider while preparing for extreme heat conditions are:


  • Do you have air conditioning? If not, where can you go to get relief from the heat?
    • Malls
    • Libraries
    • Family or Friend’s house


  • Who is at risk?
    • The elderly
    • Infants
    • Young children
    • Those with chronic conditions that could be affected by extreme heat or direct sunlight.


  • Check on elderly relatives and friends
  • Drink cool water
  • Wear light clothing
  • Avoid strenuous activities if possible
  • Don’t forget your pets! Pets should not be outside for more than 30 minutes, they should have shade if possible, and don’t forget to give them water
  • Educate yourself, your family, and your friends about heat-related illness



We are also asking our employees to take precautions as well. We have many employees who mostly work outside. We are encouraging them to dress for the weather by wearing light clothing and shorts. We are also advising them that their health is the most important thing to us. Overexertion in this weather is not necessary and we just want our employees to be safe and healthy.

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