Walk Bike Bus Campaign in The City of York Starts September 1 St

The City of York Bureau of Health and Commuter Services of PA (CSPA) have partnered to bring Walk Bike Bus, an active transportation campaign to encourage residents and commuters to get out and explore downtown York and the greater York City area by increasing their walking, biking, and bus trips. During the month of September, campaign participants will be able to access Commute PA (Commuter Services of PA’s rideshare and rewards program) in order to track all of their green trips. There will be prizes for those who track and provide updates of participation.

The goal of this campaign is to show residents and visitors how easy it is to walk, bike, and ride the bus downtown. Whether you want to increase physical activity, see more of the city, save money, or find new ways to commute to work or school, this campaign aims at motivating the community to be more active and engaged in our community. There will also be an emphasis on bike/pedestrian safety, and the campaign will showcase amenities such as WalkWorks and rabbittransit. Commuter Services will be collecting data on trips tracked, calories burned, CO2 emissions, and total participants.

To learn more, visit PACommuterServices.org or reach out to Laura Heilman from Commuter Services of PA at laura.heilman@pacommuterservices.org for more information

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