York City Settles for The Resignation of Clayton Swartz from The York City Police Department

After a thorough investigation, in July 2020, Mr. Swartz was placed on unpaid suspension with a recommendation of termination. At that time, Mayor Helfrich took the position that this individual would not return to work in the City’s Police Department. Despite unfavorable preliminary decisions from a Police Trial Board and an Arbitrator, the City convinced the Court of Common Pleas that this matter had to be retried in open court. That Trial was scheduled to begin next week and would cost the City over $250,000. After securing an agreement by which Mr. Swartz will not return as a York City Police Officer, the City of York, the White Rose Lodge of the FOP and Mr. Clayton Swartz agreed on a settlement that includes the resignation of Mr. Swartz from the York City Police Department and a payment to him of $82000. This result for this amount represent a highly successful outcome for the City. After two years of litigation, this settlement saves the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and achieves the City Administration’s goal of ensuring that Mr. Swartz will no longer be employed by the City of York.

Mayor Michael Helfrich stated, “I stood my ground on this issue because of the importance of these allegations to our community, and the findings of our internal investigation that Mr. Swartz should no longer be representing the York City Police Department. Facing continually increasing litigation costs, which have already amounted to over $230,000 in attorneys’ fees, and the potential for another $250,000 in upcoming litigation expenses, the resignation of Mr. Swartz in exchange for his lost backpay was a great win for York City.”

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