Author & Professor David M. Kennedy To Present On Group Violence Initiative In York

Have you heard the terms GVI or Group Violence Initiative and still don’t know what they mean? Perhaps you do and you’d like to know how to help.

Hear author and professor David M. Kennedy, the person behind this strategic intervention to reduce violence, minimize arrest and incarceration, enhance police legitimacy and strengthen relationships between law enforcement and communities.

Join York City Police, National Network for Safe Communities and John Jay College at your choice of one of these informative events.

Event Dates

Thursday, May 9th @ 7:00 pm at The Appell Center
Registration is required for this venue but it is free!

Register Here

Friday, May 10th @ 4:00 pm at Crispus Attucks – 605 South Duke St. York
No registration needed.

Friday, May 10th @ 7:00 pm at Shiloh Baptist Church – 740 West Locust St. York
No registration needed.

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