Bureau of Health Announces Funding for York County Food Bank and York Fresh Food Farms

The City of York is collaborating with the York County Food Bank, York Fresh Food Farms, and other community partners to increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods by implementing a farm-to-pantry initiative as well as educational activities that promote healthy eating.  In addition to improving access to fresh and local produce for city residents, these efforts aim to encourage local food system coordination between the charitable food network, local farmers, and fresh food retail businesses.  Funds will also support program partners in implementing best practices to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and protect the public, employees, and volunteers.  Overall, this initiative aims to improve healthy food access for individuals and families in York City with an emphasis on serving vulnerable populations.

The City of York – Bureau of Health receives funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Health to implement the Safe and Healthy Communities Program.  This program focuses on a variety of community health issues such as improving healthy food access, promoting physical activity, reducing injuries and trauma, and addressing the social determinants of health.  This program is funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant.

If you have any questions about the Safe and Healthy Communities Program or if you would like to see how your business or organization can help improve healthy food access for York City residents, please contact Craig Walt, Community Health Program Manager, at cwalt@yorkcity.org.

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