City Of York And York Water Company Enter Into Sewer And Refuse Billing Agreement

Mayor Michael Helfrich and the City of York are pleased to announce a sewer and refuse billing agreement with the York Water Company.

Beginning in the Spring/Summer of 2020 the York Water Company will begin collecting and processing sewer and refuse bills for the City of York’s approximately 14,000 customers.

At the October 15th York City Council meeting a resolution was approved authorizing the City of York to enter into this agreement. Additional details will follow in the coming months and will be distributed via press release and included in sewer and refuse bills.

“For far too long our team has not had the capacity to efficiently collect the sewer and refuse revenue due to the city. In fact, approximately 30% of revenue has gone uncollected over the last several years.” said Mayor Michael Helfrich

“I’m glad that city council saw fit to approve the York Water Company agreement. We predict this agreement will create a seamless billing process for our customers and help us bring in millions of dollars of previously uncollected revenue annually.”

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