City of York RFP Bids Received

On July 10, 2020, the City of York issued a request for proposals (“RFP”) for sale of the wastewater system serving the City of York and providing wastewater treatment service to surrounding municipalities. The RFP seeks offers from interested parties for purchase and operation of the wastewater system. The intent of the RFP is to provide information as to the market value of the wastewater system to inform a decision as to whether a sale of the system could provide public benefits by generating financial resources for critical public purposes and eliminating future expenses associated with system maintenance and capital improvements.

On December 9, 2020, the City received proposals from four parties in response to the RFP. The City has convened a committee composed of representatives from the Mayor’s administration, City staff, and City Council to review the proposals and prepare a recommendation.

The committee’s recommendation will either reject all proposals or accept a winning proposal. The committee’s recommendation will be publicly announced and formally presented to City Council and the York City Sewer Authority.

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