York City & Republic Services Address Curbside Collections Delays with Winter Storms on Top of Staffing Challenges

Covid and stomach bug illness has been circulating since the holidays.  Republic Services workforce has been affected just like every other business with staffing challenges due to illness, which may affect up to a dozen employees on any given day.

Add winter storms this past Monday and Thursday to the mix and the result was an undesired effect on curbside collections.

While City crews treat roadways before storms and plow roadways during storms, it cannot keep them 100% clear at all times during a storm.  Ice cannot always be moved or melted, depending on the temperatures.  This directly affects the haulers ability to access some roads and especially alleys for collections.

While Republic Services staff did work in the peak of Monday’s and Thursday’s storms, not all roads and alleys were accessible.  By Tuesday afternoon, all of the Monday and Thursday recyclables and most trash were retrieved.  The hauler worked again in the peak of Thursday morning’s storm and again Friday collecting up to double the normal amounts of trash.

While the City and the hauler understand this is not a solution, this is to let our customers know that we do understand trash may have accumulated and customers may have had to continue to clear a path to bags/cans and may have had to re-bag trash torn by animals.  We sincerely appreciate your understanding and your patience.

York City refuse customers are asked to be patient and to make special efforts during winter’s harsh weather to properly prepare all items placed for collection.  Trash collection in good weather is a tough job.  Wind, rain, snow, and ice present many additional challenges for collection crews, often resulting in sprains and similar injuries, frostbite and even worse. Additionally, collections in inclement weather will take longer and crews begin work as early as 6 a.m. and may be collecting as late as 6 p.m.

What You Can Do to Help

  • Place all trash in securely tied, heavy-mil bags (Max. 32 gals & 40 pounds) or in tied bags placed inside trash cans with tight fitting lids (Max. 32 gals & 40 pounds).  (Note: no loose trash in cans)
  • With snow, it is recommended that customers use dark colored bagsso they are visible against snow covered ground.
  • Uncover and clear a path to all items.
  • In cases of heavy snow accumulation, place items on top of, or in front of snow piles directly along the collection route, so they are easily accessible by collection crews.
  • In case of wind, consider using just tied trash bags instead of placing bags into trash cans that may blow into the streets before or after being emptied.
  • Consider holding loose recyclables until the next week if it is windy.
  • Do not place unscheduled large-items or trash in excess of your bag limit.  They will not be collected.
  • Be sure all items are placed at the pick-up point by 6 a.m. the day of collection.  Crews begin at 6 a.m. and will not return for items that are set out late.

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